In my artistic work I strive to create images which express emotions, dreams and memories. I use minimal or no retouching, experimenting with the light and reality around me to capture in an image the unique moment in time which evokes feelings of passion, yearning, happiness, loss or remembering.

The Red Dream Series was created to express dreaming about desires. Seductive and full of detail these images are also elusive and have an “out of this world” facet.

The Black Dream Series is a contemplation of forbidden passion, yearning and loss. The subject of these images drifts in and out of light, creating a simultaneous sense of possession and loss. The subject vanishes into the darkness evoking the idea of the transience of passion and physical desire.

The Sweet Dream Series is a meditation on remembering an innocent sweet first love. As memories fade and details get obscured all that is left is a faint and fleeting imprint in one’s mind.

The Light Is My Paint Series are pictures painted with light. Each photo is a unique combination of the light set up and movement of my body holding the camera. Each photo captures a unique and unrepeatable moment of creation.

If you are interested in purchasing a limited edition print of any of my artistic work please contact me for more details.

© Lara Morgan 2018 – 2019