What happens on the day?

On the day of the shoot we will meet either at my studio, rented studio or at your prefered location. We will have a quick chat about what you would like from your photo session and which photo styles are of interested. I will suggest ideas which may best suit your needs. We will do some test shots to get you used to the lighting set up and make you feel at ease in front of the camera. After that we will start the photo session.

You will need to bring a few different outfits and accessories with you (I will give you advice on what to bring when you book). In the studio we will use a different lighting setup with each look/idea. After taking the pictures for a particular look, I will show these to you to make sure you’re happy before changing on to the next look.

Do you provide outfits?

I do not provide outfits,  but I’ll give you advice on what to bring when you book. During booking I will ask you to fill in a short form describing your goals and prefered photo styles and will send you suggestions on the outfits and accessories to bring well in advance of the shoot, so that you will have time to prepare.

Your photos can be any combination of styles, for example a business look for LinkedIn, a casual look for social media and a boudoir look for dating and I will be able to advise you on what you should bring for each look you choose. 

If some look/idea you like is not covered in my booking form, just let me know when you book and I will help you choose the right outfit for this. 

Do you have a make-up artist at your studio?

I do not have a make-up artist at the studio. I feel my clients look and feel much more like themselves if they do their own make-up and hair, which makes them feel more relaxed and natural, which almost always results in better pictures.

I may make some suggestions about make-up specific to portrait photography and if you prefer you can book you own make-up/hair artist or ask me to book one for you at at extra cost. However, the time for your photoshoot does not includes time for changing clothes and make-up, so it will make sense that you arrive at the studio with make-up and hair already done (it is ok to change your make-up during the shoot).

If you have many skin imperfections which you worry about, professional retouching can be used to fix this. Rather than relying on heavy make up, going with you natural look and using retouching would almost always give you better more realistic pictures.

Do you do retouching?

My packages do not include retouching as in my view most people simply do not need it. Good lighting and posing eliminates many imperfections. Most of the images on my site are not retouched and I do not retouch any of my artistic work.

However in some cases you may feel like you want your images to be retouched to remove a few imperfections. I will do light retouching at an additional cost of £10 per image removing spots or blemishes, reducing dark circles around the eyes, reducing redness in the face, and so on. You can choose which photos, if any, you want to retouch after you receive your photos. Choose the photos to be retouched and let me know what you want changed. You can order retouching as a separate service, but I will only retouch a photo at my clients request on photos I have taken.

There are also many professional services which specialise in high-end retouching. The photos you will receive will be in high resolution suitable for any high-end digital post production. As standard I will shoot your photos in jpeg format, but if you are planning using digital post production services on your images, let me know before we start the shoot, and I can also save the images in raw format. 

What is your availability?

For studio or home shoots I am usually booked a few weeks in advance. The weekends are very popular and you may need to wait for a couple of months for the next available date. The streets shoots up to two hours in duration are easier to arrange and I may have availability in the next few days. Please contact me for my current availability. 

How will I receive the photos and when will they be ready?

You’ll get medium resolution images within 24 hours of the shoot. I’ll email you a download link which will let you view and save all the images from the shoot. The medium size images will be 800×1200 pixels, which is good size for emailing and anywhere you’d use them online.

I will post you both high resolution and medium sized versions of all the images on a USB stick through the mail within the next 3 working days.

If you also want any high resolution images (e.g. for printing, digital work) straight away, just let me know and I e-mail you a download link, however it is only possible for a small number of photos as the high resolution files are too big to upload or e-mail all of them initially.

Do you offer client photo prints?

I do not offer prints. These days it is very easy to order your own prints from either consumer photo printing service like http://www.photobox.co.uk or professional art printing service.

During the shoot I can show you examples of photos printed on different conventional and artistic papers and will advise you where you can order your prints.

How many images will I get?

It will depend on the length of the package ordered and the time spent on changes to make-up or hair, but we will take at least 100 photos with between 25-40 photos taken for each of your chosen look. 

During the shoot as you relax I will guide you through pose variations for each look to make sure we capture the result you want, but you will get to keep all variations at no extra cost.

How do I pay?

To book a shoot I will ask you to pay a small £35 deposit. You can pay this either via PayPal or a bank transfer. The rest you just pay on the day of the shoot in cash, by PayPal or via a bank transfer. 

Do you do shoots for children / families?

I do not specialise in family or group photography. I prefer to work with individuals, couples or small groups (up to 4) of adults or teenagers.

I can do children and family photoshoots (up to 3 well-behaved children and two adults) outdoor or at your home. My studio has wires, background stands and lamps, which are not child safe and if bumped to,  can fall and cause injury in a child, so I do not offer children photoshoots at my studio.

Do you have different backgrounds or sets?

For most client shoots I use ‘seamless paper’  or plain vinyl or fabric backgrounds which give a professional look.  My studio also has wooden flooring and we can also use a sofa, chairs, stools and various fabrics and rugs.

For my artistic work I have a great selection of fabrics and few different backgrounds which can be used.

I also have a small garden which looks very nice in summer. 

Can we do some photos outside?

You can book an outdoor or location shoot (but weather would need to be taken into the account) or, if you live in a nice area we can do one or more of the looks outside. We can do that as long as there’s daylight and it isn’t raining.

My studio also has a small garden which we can use.

What if I usually do not look good in photos? Can you make me look good?

Yes, absolutely! This is exactly what professional photographers are for!

Almost everyone, especially if you are not a professional model, are nervous about their appearance and need a bit of help to relax and feel natural in front of the camera. 

As we work through the shoot and you start to relax your photos will improve naturally. I will also guide you by helping you to adjust your poses to bring attention to your strengths. I will help you find the “right place” for your arms and legs, direct your gaze. But I will also aim to work with you, with your personality, so that your natural self has a chance to shine.

I believe that everyone, absolute everyone, is beautiful and uniquely so and it is my job as a photographer to capture this beauty and to show it to the world. This is what motivates me to do photography in the first place!

Can I bring a friend?

You can bring a friend, partner or parent to my studio. But keep in mind that they will be watching your shoot and should not make you nervous, as I don’t have a separate waiting area. You can also share the shoot with them at no extra charge.

Can we extend the shoot for longer?

You can extend the shoot by up to 2 hours (as far as we finish by 9pm) at additional cost of £60 per hour. 

Can I do artistic nude or semi-nude photos?

Yes, but you have to be over 18 to order such style of photography.

You can either order a boudoir style short, simulated nudity style (style that give the impression of nudity, for example a shot of a bare back or silhouette) or high end artistic nude style as one or all of your looks.

I do not shoot glamor or explicit nudity.

Will the photos be used anywhere?

If you order a paid photo shoot, all your photos are completely private, just for your use, and will not be used anywhere.

How long will you keep my photos?

I will normally keep a copy for 2 months in case you like any photos retouched. I will keep one copy on a server or computer in my studio and another backup copy on a card or memory stick. After 2 months I will delete your photos. If you prefer me to delete your photos as soon as you’ve received them, let me know and I will do so. 

If you have any other questions, please contact me.